At the beginning of May 2005 I was browsing e-bay for medals that I could buy to resell later. My eye fell on a collection of medals including certificates all from one person, M. Devisscher from Oostakker. Each certificate was sold separately, which I thought was a shame. A nice collection of medals from one person would fall into the hands of several collectors. I had a maximum total amount in mind for what I would be willing to pay for this collection. With a bit of tactical bidding, I managed to get all 9 medals. My goal had been achieved, to keep a beautiful collection of medals together. Later I resold the medals to a fellow collector. Then I wanted to collect everything about the IJser until I bought a book called: "Livre d'Or de la Carte du Feu" or in Dutch "Guldenboek der vuurkaart". This book provides an overview of thousands of soldiers who carry the fire cross. Some research on the internet shows that there are 8 editions of this book. This gave me the idea to put the contents of these books, or at least the book I have in my possession, on this site as a tribute to these soldiers. However, such a site already appears to exist. Here is the link GULDENBOEK DER VUURKAART.

A very interesting homepage that actually already does what I wanted to do. But I keep playing with the idea of doing about the same thing. I just want to include more information, such as the medals that the person received, photos, "Vuurkaart", documents.

In addition, I am trying to complete my collection of Belgian 1st World War medals. Not everything on this site is still in my possession. I buy many things and then resell them. I mainly collect Medals, Vuurkaarten, cards and the "Guldenboek der Vuurkaart".